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Jewish-conspiracy nuts soar to new heights of lunacy

By Tor Bach, editor of Monitor, Kristin Gronii, journalist on forskning.no and Erik Tunstad, editor of forskning.no

Photo of Tonny Kolas, spokesman of Hamer's cult in Norway
Photo Kristin Grønli

THE JEWS have killed two billion people with morphine, chemotherapy and radiation treatment according to the so-called "The New Medicine" cult that has begun to establish itself in Norway. It preaches that cancer sufferers should eschew conventional treatment in favour of therapists who "heal", while the patients cough up the cash.

The New Medicine is the creation of Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German who has been prosecuted in several European countries for illegal medical practice. Despite this, he has had clinics in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria and The Netherlands and claims to have treated over 200,000 cancer patients.

His main cranky idea is that science is wrong about the causes of cancer. Instead he asserts that all diseases, including cancer and Aids, are the result of trauma and shock. So smoking cannot cause cancer. Rather, Hamer claims, it is the fear of smoking-related cancer that makes us sick.

But Hamer does not stop at this. He claims anti-cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and morphine are not only useless but kill the patient. Therefore, the terminally ill should not undergo these treatments.

Hamer goes on to allege that his ideas are well known to Jewish scientists but that they deliberately withhold this information from the rest of the world. He accuses an international Jewish conspiracy, bizarrely led by the Pope, of having killed two billion people by hiding the truth about the New Medicine which, he suggests, can heal 98% of all cancer cases.

Hamer's strange notions have begun to gain currency in Norway. Since last autumn, meetings about the New Medicine have been held in several cities where vulnerable participants have handed over large sums of money to be taught how to treat brain tumours with conversational therapy, ice bags and Coca Cola!

The latest course in the New Medicine attracted nearly 20 participants in Oslo in mid-February. The "students" each paid £400 for four days of "advanced" lectures given by Hamer's henchman, Harald Baumann, although no source literature was available.

These punters were mostly graduates of the "basic" course, which fleeced them of a further £240, that they must complete to be able to take the "advanced" classes. At least 60 people have so far undertaken the courses.

At the "advanced" course, Baumann preached that most disease does not really exist, but is only the body's way of processing traumas. According to Baumann, cancer, Aids and tuberculosis are no more than symptoms in a healing process. It is the conventional treatment of these symptoms that kills.

Tonny Kolas, the man in charge of this cult's arrangements in Norway, says the next course in the New Medicine will start as soon as possible, as will a "level 3" course. "I intend to make a lot of money from this," he told forskning.no, the website of the highly respected Norwegian Science Council. He went on to explain: "We know that clinics exist in Israel that utilise the New Medicine exclusively to treat Jews. We know that the same Jews dominate the pharmaceuticals industry."

Until recently, Dagfrid Kolas (no relation) was responsible for the New Medicine courses in Bergen and Oslo. In Tromso, a local cultural centre hosted courses but Ms Kolas recently withdrew from the arrangement when awkward questions were asked about the New Medicine's antisemitic theories.

Nevertheless, she remains a firm believer in Hamer's ideas and vows that she will hold further courses with Rune Amundsen, a psychologist who has lost his licence to practise and been excluded from the Norwegian Psychologists' Association. Amundsen has been treating Kolas with something she calls "depth therapy".

Baumann was expected in Stavanger on 29 March to deliver a lecture at an annual meeting of homeopathic therapists. The movement is also touting Hamer's book, Cancer - The Ine.xistent [sic] Riddle, in health stores.

Naturally, medical practitioners are concerned about Hamer's theories but his methods are mostly practisedSearchlight May 2003 28

by self-appointed therapists who operate in the shady world of "alternative medicine". Sigbjarn Smeland, head of the Clinical Council and supervising doctor at the Oslo Radium Hospital, has condemned Hamer's ideas as "fundamentally bogus", explaining, "the only treatments documented to have any effects on cancer are chemotherapy, radiation treatment and hormone therapy".

The New Medicine is widely dismissed but there is a notable exception. Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, has been flirting with Hamer's theories on Aids. South Africa's former president, Nelson Mandela, and the World Health Organisation have strongly criticised Mbeki's views.

Surprisingly, the usually sober Norwegian daily paper Beigens Tidende has given the New Medicine a platform A series of articles by the same journalist allowed Baumann and Ms Kolas to promote it, but they stopped short at presenting their antisemitic conspiracy theory. Ms Kolas also appeared in a debate about alternative medicine on national television at the beginning of March.

Hamer's conspiracy theories have also found their way onto the pages of the magazine Naturterapeuten (The Natural Therapist). In its third issue of 2002, the Norwegian homeopathic therapist Anton von der Lippe Jr devoted a two-page rant to the supposed Jewish conspiracy against Hamer.

After citing one of Hamer's letters containing accusations against even, body from the Pope to the Jewish organisation B'nai B'rith, von der Lippe declared: "Unfortunately, this story also teaches us the extent to which the Jews, with their tribal egoism, make themselves unpopular and break down the goodwill they enjoyed after the Second World War. Their conduct in Palestine against its indigenous inhabitants is symptomatic of this. But that is another story."

The New Medicine's Jewish conspiracy theories do not end there. In a course held recently in Oslo, Baumann was reluctant to present antisemitic theories but a question from the audience must have sparked something off, prompting him to read a section from a book by David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist. Icke thinks the world is ruled by a group of Jews, who are really reptiles in human form, emanating from outer space to colonise the earth. A reprint of von der Lippe's Naturterapeuten was also distributed to the audience.

Hamer, who served 19 months' jail in Germany for illegal practice of medicine, is currently living in exile in Spain and still practising his barmy ideas. According to the medical magazine, The Lancet, he has a following of around 3,000 people there, and Spanish doctors hold him responsible for several tens of deaths of cancer patients Hamer's followers, nevertheless, argue that he deserves the Nobel Prize for medicine and

praise him as the Galileo of our times.

Hamer's picture of himself as a misunderstood genius and victim of a monstrous international Jewish-Masonic-Catholic plot resonates well within the extreme right. Not surprisingly, he has found some fans there and been invited to lecture by a number of far-right and fundamentalist Christian groups. The far-right German paper Jinige Freiheit has praised him, as has the extremist Swiss website, Recht+Freiheit.

Others to open their doors to Hamer include the right-wing and antisemitic Christian sect, the Bruderschaft Salem, which is known for its collaboration with the convicted German nazi lawyer Jurgen Rieger.

Hamer's sect could be described as a "supersect". Widi its message that all disease can be healed, spiced up with antisemitic paranoia, he can gain the acceptance ofaw^de range of other cranks

A number of Norwegian "therapists" have started to emplo Hamer's methods. Ms Kolas, who claims to have been cured of cancer without conventional treatment, lists 11 such persons on her website When asked her opinions on Hamer's antisemitic plot nonsense and right-wing connections, she refused to comment.

Ms Kolas's companion, Bent Madsen, was more critical about what was said about Jews on the Oslo course: "I will not be a part of these views," he said but still steadfastly refuses to dismiss Hamer's fake "medical" theories.

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